Saturday, June 2, 2007

Yebisu Beer Museum

There is a FREE beer museum in Ebisu on the site of the old Yebisu Beer factory which apparently shut down about 10 years ago. The museum itself was alright, probably better if you can read Japanese (ha!), had lots of old equipment. Also this big copper thing (left), all I can guess is that they brewed hops in it? It was huge!

The company produces both Yebisu and Sapporo brands, which surprised us.

Probably the most interesting part of the museum was the gift shop. They had t-shirts, bottle openers, beer-accompanying-food cookbooks (all which you would expect), and then these crazy foods made from BEER! We got to sample: beer-chocolate, beer-jelly (like the fruit "digestion" jelly that is so popular here), and beer-caramels!
They had a sampling-bar, which looked pretty cool. You could sample 4 kinds for only 400Y (which is good pricing for Tokyo), but neither me or my friend really like beer! I would have liked to try a tablespoon of each, but didn't figure I could finish off the mini-glasses of four beers on my own! We shall come back with the boys :P

LEFT: They have life-size beer cans outside! Of course I had to have a picture with them!

LEFT: my friend poses as driving the Sapporo beer truck!

All of this is near the "Yebisu Garden Place" which is probably the only place in all of Tokyo with a free place to sit! I saw more children today than I think I have in total the entire trip. The families all had space-ship-fancy strollers, and the kids were mostly well-behaved, much like the angelic children you see in the extremely expensive grocery stores!

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