Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fushimi Inari 伏見稲り大社

This is a shrine a bit South of Kyoto Station, famous for its numerous gates (called torii). I believe it commemorates the Inari god, which looks like a fox... but I'm not totally sure!

LEFT: the entrance to the jinja (shrine). The circle thing is made of some long grass and you walk through it. I've seen it elsewhere too, but I don't know its significance.

There is a huge hiking trail that is covered in these torii! Beautiful, but a tad claustrophobic at times, and the mosquitoes thought I was a delicacy.

There is writing on each of the torii, but the writing is all on one side. So you see the writing only when walking one direction. From what I could read, it seems each gate is donated. Many companies (会社) had names on the torii.

LEFT: "mini" torii nearby a small shrine along the hiking path.

LEFT: these are beautiful strands of origami cranes, tied up in the prayer/wish card (that's what I call them) area.

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