Saturday, June 2, 2007

Update! National Diet Building

So I finally got a "mini SD card" which allows me to transfer the pictures I took on my cell phone to my computer.

Left: me in front of the Kokkai Gijido (it was raining). I befriended some Japanese gals, who took this picture for me!

The building is made of LOTS of stone, all marbles etc. from Japan, really quite fantastic. Too bad I couldn't take pictures inside (but I got a lovely brochure with color pics for FREE when I took the tour!)

Oh and that flowery button-up shirt I'm wearing-- guess how much I paid for it?? 299Y!!! And it is a nice shirt! Tokyo is a place of many prices for the same thing- everything is either "too expensive" or "too cheap"... but I was glad to find a colorful shirt to add to my limited wardrobe.

There was a neat fountain outside, and a garden featuring plants from each prefecture of Japan.

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