Saturday, June 2, 2007

Update! Odaiba

So with that new "micro-sd card" I have pics from Odaiba!

LEFT: me at a cool sculpture in "Venus Fort" shopping center. It features expensive shops and a sky-painted ceiling.

This is the really amazing "nomadic museum" that houses the "Ashes and Snow" exhibit I wrote about earlier. As you can see, it is constructed of steel cargo containers. I really like the concept of using such transitory objects for a traveling museum. Seemed kind of out of place though, all these lowly cargo containers on fancy-smansy Odaiba...

LEFT: The famous Ferris Wheel on Odaiba. It is absolutely HUGE, way bigger than your usual ferris wheel- you can see it when driving over the "Rainbow Bridge".

BELOW: the Toyota City Showcase- they have just about every Toyota on the Japanese market, really interesting all the cars- I love how little Japanese cars are! I want one!

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