Friday, June 8, 2007


I have noticed a pattern: every Friday, my host mom has Italian lessons (or something) and gets home late, so she tells me to eat out with my friends. Today was lucky coincidence of being, 1) a Friday, 2) the 8th of the month, and 3) a day that both me and my friend J are free!

This sushi place is REALLY NICE and in Ginza (duh I suppose). Being in Ginza (close to Tsukiji) it has some of the freshest fish in Tokyo. They have a special promotion- on the 8th day of the month 八 they sell their 手まき "handrolls" for only 100Y which is an incredible deal! (You have to pay more than that for cheap kaiten-sushi "conveyor belt sushi") Besides, this place has EXCELLENT food, probably the best sushi I have ever had! The reasoning behind the 8th day of the month is that temaki handroll sushi is shaped like the kanji for 8, 八, or so my friend M says.

So my friends J and M try to go to this place every month to catch the incredible deal!

If I could read the kanji on the receipt I'd write the name, but I can't so I will give you the # in case you are in Tokyo and want some incredible sushi: 3573-0057

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Tammy said...

It is called "Tamasushi". They also have branches in other locations, like Shinagawa, but I don't think Shinagawa Tamasushi has the same discount.