Sunday, June 17, 2007

Adventures of the Yellow Man and a Kimono Shop

The "yellow man"! Me and M met him in Asakusa. Probably 60 years old, and very sunny personality (duh, he wears all yellow, even his beard is yellow!). I asked why he wears yellow and he said it is a "happy color". After taking a picture with him and chatting, I thanked him and said his yellow made me happy too!

In Askausa, we also saw "otaku" or "enthusiasts". I think someone let them out of Ueno (one subway stop away), where they usually hang out. The gaijin were taking pictures of the crazy people! So I thought I'd take a picture of the people taking pictures of the Otaku!

Then we visited a kimono shop! Asakusa has several used kimono shops, which is the only way to buy a kimono for less than an arm and leg.

We each tried on a kimono...

When you dress yourself, you tie the bow stuff in the front and then slide it to the back as you can see here.

Here I have a full obi (sash) on, and the "bow" is a traditional Japanese style, which I call "fold over" since that is what it looks like. Oooo how pretty!

You can see the crane pattern on the sleeves. This pattern is also on the bottom of the kimono.

Okay so I am trying it on, realizing how beautiful the navy silk is on me... and after M's help in negotiating the price from 9000Y to 7000Y (or about $58US).... I caved!! So I am now the proud owner of a very beautiful silk kimono! I think I will wear it to fancy events like the symphony or opera... that would be fun! I got a different obi than the one in the picture though... I got a "yukata" (summer cotton kimono) style obi, which is half the width and can be tied in a bow. This half obi is obviously called "han-obi" (and han means half!).

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sporter said...

Tammy, That is lovely on you but I believe you would look fab in a potato sack!

Love, Sharon

PS Leaving for BA tomorrow (via Portland) I do not even know the word for "excited" in Spanish!