Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nijo Castle二条城

This castle is really awesome!! I've been to maybe 3 castles in Japan, but they always gut out the insides and make it into a museum... but not at Nijo Jo! I was really excited to see the tatami rooms, and walk on the "nightingale floors" that were constructed such that they make a high pitch bird call of sorts when you walk on the floor. The castle was huge, but I think mostly only one story, which sort of surprised me. The main rooms are surrounded by a porch/walkway which opens out to the garden when you open the thin doors. Most rooms had cabinets/doors where bodyguards would hide.

Sorry I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside, but you can see it from the outside!

The stone walls are quite impressive, huge stones that are arranged seemingly perfectly... I don't know how one would go about creating such a wall!!!

LEFT: a castle is not complete without a moat.... and a way to cross!

The garden was beautiful too!

I paid a few hundred yen to sit in the teahouse (from LEFT), drink matcha (special green tea made b dissolving powder in water) and eat a Japanese sweet.
It was gorgeous... I love how the room really opens up to the garden on several sides, very comfortable and still nature-y.

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