Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nanzenji: Hojo Hall

Also in Nanzenji, this is the Hojo Hall(or 大ほじょ), which is the "large living quaters ofr a master priest". It was moved from the Imperial Palace, and was originally built in 1585. Apparently it is shinden-zukuri style architecture, and is a National Treasure. (info from a pamphlet they gave me)

LEFT and BELOW: the mossy gardens... and the cutely peculiar display of each variety.

Part of the house... with a really neat deck!

LEFT and BELOW: the nice sliding doors (fusuma) between the outer hallway and the deck. I like them a lot, it'd be cool to see them in western architecture!

LEFT: here you see the view from a tatami room out the doors into the garden. Beautiful!

BELOW: the preist's dinning room... the lighting was gorgeously green reflecting from the garden!

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