Thursday, June 7, 2007

Waseda Victory!

There was (apparently) this huge "civil war" baseball tournament- Waseda vs. Keio, who are strong rivals. Waseda won, which makes them Tokyo Champions or something (I don't quite understand). Anyways, it was a big deal and everyone was out to celebrate. The baseball players, the band and cheerleaders marched a parade route from Meiji-Jinu (in Harajuku) to Waseda... it was a big deal :P

Here you can see the little obaasans (old ladies/grannies) waiting for the parade. There were lots of old people there celebrating with all the college kids-- mostly people who graduated from Waseda decades ago, or probably the mothers of Waseda graduates.

You can also see the reporters- they were all lined up from probably before 4pm! The parade didn't reach Waseda until maybe 7:30...

This shows a bit of the parade- TONS of people. Literally packed. Everyone celebrating, wearing waseda shirts, carrying lanterns.

They had a stage set up, and it looked like Times Square at New Years, so many people!! Mostly a mob-scene as the baseball players run up to the stage and the cheerleaders and everyone yelling the Waseda Song. And everyone has their cell phones out taking pictures (me too, didn't know about the parade until I left home without my camera!).

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