Monday, June 11, 2007

Miraikan Science Museum

Also located on Odaiba, the Miraikan Science Museum みらいかん科学博物館 is SUPER AWESOME! (See exterior in picture at LEFT). To get a general feeling for it, it reminds me of OMSI, but much more advanced and sophisticated.

They had exhibits on :
  • micromachines
  • DNA
  • Space shuttles
  • Ecology
  • Internet
  • Magnetically Levitated trains (MANGLEV)
  • Magnets/super conductors
  • Robots
  • Nanotechnology
I think all the engineers in my life would LOVE this museum! I had to ask my Oregon friend C (who is studying to become a computer engineer) to explain some of the stuff- so complicated! OMSI's exhibits are geared more toward children and I can mostly understand them... but some of these exhibits were WOW!

LEFT: the cool light fixture/sculptures in the museum corridor.

BELOW: a robot-dog! I got to pet it- so cute!

They also have a huge globe that is covered with a lot of LCDs. They can display earth in topography, temperature etc. and they even had Mars on for a while...

LEFT: they even had the ASIMO robot (apparently famous?) there. He mostly hung out in his little glass room. He even waved at me once! The boys saw a demonstration where ASIMO came out and ran around. NEAT!

LEFT: the exhibit on the MANGLEV trains featured a working model of a magnetically levitated train! It was amazing! The train hovered above the track and moved along gracefully. The signs (in both English and Japanese) explained that such transportation creates no exhaust on site (only at a power-plant if the train is powered by coal or something... which can be changed of course into Wind, creating a completely clean transportation!)

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