Friday, May 25, 2007

Visitor with a Briefcase

So the doorbell (but really the gate bell as it is not by the door, but rather at the gate) rings, and I go to see what it is, usually a package or delivery or something. The dude is very surprised to see a gaijin, and I notice he does not have a package- he's wearing a tie and carrying a briefcase... so then I think, perhaps a legal notice?

He asks if I speak Japanese and I say a little. He asks where I come from, then decides I must speak English and reaches into the briefcase and pulls out a pamphlet, at which point I am realizing what I got myself into.

He pages to the English version and I see the words "Saviour", "Jehova", and "Christ" and I realize I have met my first Japanese Jehova's Witness!!!

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