Monday, May 21, 2007

Thank God for Measles!

Now you are probably wondering, why is measles a *good* thing? Two simple facts explain this phenomenon:

1. A measles outbreak is enough to cancel school for a week.
2. I am already immune to this disease

They call it "hashika", and we got the news today at lunch that the school is shut down completely until next Wednesday! We aren't even allowed on campus!

Now the second lingering question is, why is a developed city like Tokyo having a measles outbreak? Unlike the US, Japan loosened its regulations on vaccinations about the time that my generation was getting the second round of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). And now, viola! Things are getting crazy.

So now my friends and I are trying to plan something to do for our mega-vacation...

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sporter said...

Very cool! They closed down our gym at the un9iversity for a staph infection scare. The pool is still closed...yikers! Our friend, Esther, is here with us. She is playing the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto Wednesday with the symphony. It is fun to show here around our "digs." Have fun with your time off!