Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nagoya kara Kimashita 名古屋から来ました

My college friend who is teaching in Nagoya came to visit this past weekend! I showed her around as much of Tokyo as I could!

LEFT: Ueno Park on a perfect day!

LEFT: My friend by the taiyaki (baked bread/cake filled with red-beans "anko) machine. This machine made panda-shaped taiyaki!!!

We went to the Museum of Western Art in Ueno, which was fabulous! I saw works by Van Goh, Picasso, Monet, Manet, and many others. The museum also had several bronze sculptures by Ronin (?) and tons of religious works, which were interesting because I took a class on "Art and the Bible" at St. Olaf.

LEFT: outside the Mueseum, me by a replica of a bronze work called "The Gates of Hell" if I remember correctly. It is a big doorway with people trying to get out. Notice my new black sandals!!

After Ueno, I made pizza, salad and blondie-brownies for my friends and had a party at the house! Pizza is really expensive and (in my opinion) usually strange with fish and mayonnaise and dried shrimp... so my homemade version was a treat!

I explained how "bar cookies" are a mostly-Midwestern phenomenon, and my host parents thought they were a little too sweet despite the fact that I used 3/4 of the sugar!

LEFT: My friend J, me and M (the 5 language speaking one) by the bookshelves that my host father designed. J is holding a "Corporate Identification Manual" that shows the logo that my host father designed.

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