Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Outside a popular department store (and many other places in Tokyo) there are these horrible screaching high pitch noises, higher than the whine that the television emits when it's on. However, none of the Japanese can hear it, even my teenage friends. Only my American friends can hear it. Somebody told me the stores use the hypersonic sound to deter birds/pigeons...

Another strange sound-occurrence in Tokyo: Ald Lang Signe. You know it, they play it at New Years. (I might have mispelled it) Well here, they play it at closing time. You'll be shopping and hear Ald Lang Signe really loud and wonder, "what's going on?" and continue, until realizing that the employees are ushering customers out and they are locking the front doors.

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sporter said...

This reminds me of the hospital in Walla Walla. They play Brahms' lullaby every time a baby is born-twice for twins. Very sweet way of reminding all of us that life goes on!