Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Left: Construction: this is down the street from me, on the way to the train station. There used to be this nasty vacant house and a bunch of bamboo on that corner, and they are almost finished breaking up its foundations. Strangely enough, it kinda smells bad there- like mold or must.

Starbucks: Went to Starbucks today in Shibuya. They only offer decaf coffee black, all the fancy frappacinos are regular. Also, the man warned me it would take 5 minutes to brew the decaf, since they don't have it already made.

EARTHQUAKE: We had an earthquake yesterday. I was sitting watching baseball (やきゅう) with my host father, and he's like, "oh it's an earthquake" as if nothing special were happening. I was told that it was a "small one", and the TV called it a Level 3...

Left: Bike Parking: there are these two old guys that arrange the bikes in the mornings. That's how all those bikes are crammed in such a small space.

Book Covers: a lot of people read on the train, and probably %90 of them cover the book so you can't tell what they are reading. I haven't decided if they are reading something raunchy, or if they just don't want someone asking them about the book...

Left: I saw this van somewhere... it says "Living Saloon EX" which is a really strange name for a car.

Little Kids: there are tons of little kids, maybe age 5 and 6, that ride the trains alone during the day! Kinda crazy to see such young ones all alone, wearing their goofy school uniforms (which includes matching yellow or white hats).

This was inside one of the temple areas in Nikko, it asks you to "please refrain from SMOKIG"! HAhahahhhahhah


Ellen said...

Fascinating about the bikes and book covers! I wonder what would happen if you brought a non-standard bike into that line. Do you think it would get stolen because it was different? The urge not to conform must be strong for you, Miss America.

sporter said...

Love the book cover idea!