Wednesday, May 23, 2007



So riding the train one day, I see this guy. Please note the length of the shorts--his butt was hanging out the bottom! I could not believe it so I had to take a picture, and then he noticed the flash and I had to run several cars down!

I later heard from my friends who rode in the same car as this guy that as kids would board the train, they'd gawk as his butt was right at eye-level for them. It apparently took the moms a few minutes to notice, at which point they scooted their children away!

LEFT: "Condomania" store in Harajuku (?). Another thing I was surprised to see!

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sporter said...

I just showed my friend, Risa, this photo of the bun man. She was not shocked and told me that the young generation is changing society and this is one example. I can't imagine that this is hygenic!(Spoken like a true bun-headed librarian!)