Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Odaiba お台場

So I met up with my friend that I made on the train (when the train stopped) today! After eating delicious pizza at my favorite Italian restaurant, we went to Odaiba. I believe it is a man-made island, and it's somewhere in Tokyo Bay, close to the Rainbow Bridge. The views were stunning and it is always nice to be close to the water, no matter how dirty people tell me it is!

We went to a really fancy art show, called "Ashes and Snow" by a Canadian, Gregory Colbert. Not only are the photographs & films incredible, the whole thing is housed in a "nomadic museum" made of 152 steel cargo containers, fabric and paper, so it feels both transient and natural. The whole thing was very moving, as the photos/films show humans interacting with animals (particularly elephants), set to beautiful music. Please see more about the Ashes and Snow Exhibit here!

After the show, we visited a neat shopping center called Venus-Fort, which is painted and constructed to look like Italy! They even have a fountain and the ceiling is painted with clouds. I am sorry to say I forgot my camera today, and all my pictures are on my cell phone... and I don't have the proper card to transfer the pics to my computer yet...

There are several more things I want to see there, like the crazy Fuji TV building. Surprisingly, Wikipedia has some great pictures of Odaiba

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