Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tsukiji: Tuna

Tuskiji fish market is (I believe) the biggest fish market of its kind in the world.

Located within walking distance of Ginza, a fancy shopping district, the market is HUGE and sells everything harvested from the sea as well as veggies and fruits. The market is open every day of the year except Sundays and holidays, and operates from 4am till about 9am.

Although the big tuna auctions are now closed to the public (safety problems is what I read), we got to see the aftermath of the auction.

The yellow tags denote where the fish came from: New Zealand, Japan, Africa...

At left are the piles just bought by each bidder. You can see how huge these tunas are!! These ones are packed with ice inside.

(My camera died mid-way, I will post more when I get pics from my friend!)

To the left, you see men moving the frozen tunas (I think these are meant for raw consumption- i.e. sashimi) onto the forklift thing. They use long-handled hooks, which they dig into the fins to grab and shove the huge carcases!

Below, you see the cuts near the tail of the tuna. Before bidding, they make the cut to check the freshness, color and oil in the fish.

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sporter said...

These tuna are HUGE!!!!! I have a question. Been to any electronic stores? Have you seen the Sony Book Reader yet? It is $400 here! Yikes!

How are you? I just love following you around and your photos are fab! Keep it coming if you still have the energy!

Love, Auntie S