Friday, July 6, 2007

Yoyogi Park 代々木公園

I went to Yoyogi park with my friends M and J this past weekend! Surprisingly, it was my first time there, despite its popularity with the wakamono 若者 (young folk).

LEFT: the big fountain

Walking through the park, I was astounded when I saw two Brits that I had met in Kyoto! In a city of how-many-million, here I am on the same pathway as people I had dinner with last week!

Me and J, and me and M, by a big pretty mural!

LEFT: there are lots of "cosplay" (I think is the word?) people-- those who dress up either like maids or like anime characters... or anything really. Since Yoyogi is close to Harajuku (the young people fashion area), they seem to spill out, and I got to pose with one of the prettier of the costumed people. And by prettier, I mean, without blue hair!

BELOW: there is an odd group of middle-aged men who dress up like 1950's Elvis (?) and dance to rock music. They wear black leather pants, black leather jackets and black cowboy-ish boots... which are taped back together after the dancing tears them apart. One man (BELOW LEFT) had hair sticking straight up almost a foot above his head... I wanted a picture with him, but he was cranky that day and was tired of photos with tourists.

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