Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sayonara Party さよならパーティ

My program had a Sayonara (goodbye) party, since we leave in two weeks! Wow! I decided to wear my new yukata that M gave me (thanks!!) and it looked wonderful! My host mom did practically all of the yukata-putting-on business. I was glad to have someone help me!

LEFT: me and the host fam! Aren't we cute?!!
We all gave speeches (in Japanese), so I was up late last night working on mine with M's help. My host parents gave a really nice speech about me, how they "received my energy" and enjoyed having me at their house. Shigeo had a surprise: he designed a hanko (signature stamp) for me, using old Chinese characters for my name, each with a specific meaning (I forget right now). He said that I should use the hanko when I write them letters! I was so touched I nearly cried! I will truly miss them!

LEFT: me and L, in our Yukatas before the party!

LEFT: me and our program director who has helped me *tremendously*. Not only a mentor, but a friend! We usually have lunch in her office on Mondays and tell her our stories from the week. We are very lucky to have her!

BELOW: The Go-nin 五人 who all arrived in late March! I have made some good friends! Sorry the picture is a bit blurry...

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