Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Deer of Nara

These pictures remind me of Gramma and her Eugenian deer :)

Sika Deer are a protected animal or something in Nara, and they are highly domesticated. They are supposedly the messengers of the gods in teh Shinto religion. You can see them in Nara park (and smell their droppings!). The deer at left is hanging out on the "National Heritage" sign, which is somehow oddly amusing.

LEFT: the deer-cracker stand. You pay 150yen to get a stack of crackers that make the deer attack you... which is pretty amusing. I'm not sure what keeps them from stealing the crackers from the cracker vendor... they must have a gentleman's agreement! :P

LEFT: me and the deer, they weren't too interested after I ran out of crackers...

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