Friday, July 6, 2007

Kaiseki Ryouri 懐石料理

M took me to a VERY FANCY restaurant she used to work at in Shimbashi. The food was INCREDIBLE! We were served probably a dozen different courses, each with a hot new cup of tea. The chef even came out and asked us what we don't eat; he tailors the menu to each customer!

As you'd expect, everything was beautifully arranged on gorgeous dishes...

ABOVE: a sea-creature of some sort served in the shell, a jellied thing in the orange leaf, and a tiny shashimi with a small leaf under the transparent slice of fish.

LEFT: "eel tofu" served with a Kyoto forest vegetable (the floaty things) that were coated in a gelatin.

For desert, we were served fruit, and then a special in-house ice cream made of ume (Japanese picked plum) and shiso (a Japanese leaf used in cooking).

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