Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saigo no Toki 最後の時

I just saw a gokiburi (cockroach) in the kitchen..... perfect time for me to leave. :P

I saw my best Japanese friends today (LEFT)-- it was hard to say goodbye. But I say "ja mata" (see you later), instead of "sayonara" (farewell/goodbye).

Had dinner with the host family at a Korean restaurant in Jiyuugaoka, a fancy upscale neighborhood, maybe like 23rd street?

I'm nearly all packed! I'll see you all soon!

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Ellen said...

I can't believe the trip is almost done.. it sounds like you could have stayed there a lot longer very happily :) I made some Betty Crocker brownies last night and thought of your blog about how much they cost in yen.. haha..

Well, when you get back, consider yourself invited over to our apartment in Orenco!