Sunday, July 1, 2007

Taiko Concert

The program bought us all tickets to a super-famous Taiko (drumming) show in Asakusa. It was FANTASTIC!!! The performers are all muscle, very athltic! The lighting was great too, and the entire show was really entertaining, especially the bit where they used the ball/cup child's toy... I had never seen anything like it!!

And the outfits... at one point the men were only wearing a sort of Japanese thong... see pictures below. I was quite shocked.

They move the drum sticks so fast all you can see is the flash of the glitter on the ends of the drumsticks. It is a blur even to the naked eye.

Me and our Program Advisor and her beautiful daughters!! She is so helpful and fun to talk to, I am really glad we have her around to help us! Plus she booked the tickets, and got us super-good seats on the orchestra level!

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