Sunday, July 1, 2007

Todaiji and Daibutsuden 東大寺

Home to a HUGE buddha (called daibutsu in Japanese) is Todaiji temple and its Daibutsuden hall. Created in the year 745, This buddha weighs 500 metric tonnes and is BIG:
  • Height : 14.98 meters
  • Face : 5.33 meters
  • Eyes : 1.02 meters
  • Nose : 0.5 meters
  • Ears : 2.54 meters
Thanks Wikipedia!

He doesn't look so big in the pic, but compare the mini golden buddhas floating around his head to the same mini buddhas in the other pictures!

BELOW: the large wooden building housing the big buddha, it is supposedly the largest wooden structure in the world.

LEFT: the gate entrance to the Todaiji... even the gate is big!

LEFT: a cool lantern in front of the building

LEFT: another smaller buddha statue

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