Thursday, April 12, 2007

You can tell it is smoggy when...

Since Wednesday, my asthma has been really terrible. I walk about a mile from the train station to school and back every day, and that mile is right by a very polluted, smoggy road, and a lot of people smoke in the area. People even smoke while walking which bugs the hell out of me ('cause you get stuck behind them and smell their fumes for the entire distance, unless you can find a crosswalk). I've been using my asthma inhalers A LOT, and having mini attacks several times a day. This morning, it got really bad... I had to go to the doctor where they gave me (what I think was) an asthma drug intravenously. I also have cough medicine, because I've been coughing lots.

Luckily I am covered under Japanese National Healthcare, which makes things incredibly cheap. My visit to the doctor (and IV and medicine) cost about $13. Then the three cough medicines cost about $9.50, but my host father wouldn't let me pay for them. Believe me I tried. He nearly pushed me over in his effort to pay for my cough medicine! It was quite surprising.

I think I will buy some face masks (yes, I know, very "Japanese") to wear when I walk from the station to school and back.

Sigh.... taihen deshita! ("that was difficult!")


sporter said...

Poor Tammy! I feel so sorry for you. I remember how it was in Moscow! Yuck!

Matt said...

Hey Tam! The women in Russia wear those same kind of stilettos with the ridiculously pointy toes. I don't know how they do it, and walk everywhere all day long.