Friday, April 13, 2007

Roppongi and other Adventures!

On Thursday, I don't have class until the late afternoon, so my host father and I ventured out to Roppongi! On the way, we saw a political demonstration. I don't really know what they were demonstrating, but it was quite fascinating. They had huge loudspeakers on each of the several cars in the procession, and we were blasted with monologue.

This is "Tokyo Midtown". It is a HUGE shopping area (think Pioneer Place, but way bigger). I believe it opened just recently. It is the closest to a Utopia I have ever seen. Completely clean and perfect and nearly fake-ishy happy/yuppie. (I tried explaining "yuppie" in Japanese... it didn't go so well!)

Like Pioneer Place, it has tons of public sculpture! This one is really neat and it has a huge lawn in front of it. The lawn has carefully placed signs and a mini-fence (about 5 inches high) to keep you off of the grass!

Here's (what I think) is a cool shot of one side of the Tokyo Midtown buildings.

Another cool sculpture. At first I didn't see the faces, but it is pretty clear in this picture. From every angle, you can see a face, and it is mirror-like, so you also see your reflection. You can see the previous sculpture in the background, and my host father marveling at it. It is nice going sight-seeing with him b/c we both stop and stare at the art!


These are the totally awesome stairs in my host family's house. My host father designed them (as well as the bookcases... etc.). Really easy to climb and takes up about as much space as a ladder propped up.

I got to see his design works today- quite fantastic! I will have to write more about that later!

Starbucks: Funny to see such a Western thing in such an Asian place!

It is fascinating how the gas stations work. The gas comes from above to save precious floor space!

(Forgive me if I already posted this pic. )

FRIENDS! These are my exchange student buddies!


sporter said...

Fascinating! I love the stairs in your home!

Tammy said...

me too! there are really easy to use (once you get used to them!)