Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Otera in Asakusa

So I went to Asakusa again with my friends this weekend. We had fun being gaijin together! Otera means temple, specifically for Buddhists. Again, the "o" is placed in front as an honorific.

(Jinja means "shrine" or temple for the Shinto religion)

We tried to get the monk to ring his bell... but he was kinda mean to us.... that or we didn't give him enough money? Who knows!

Left: the top of the temple, so pretty!
Below: the 5-story Pagoda.

This is the street leading to the temple (you can see it in the background). Very crowded! There are tons of souvineer shops on this street, and a lot of gaijin to go with it. Consequently, the vendors were trying to advertise their wares by yelling in Engrish...

This is a cute pottery shop we saw! I find a strange delight in an array of similar objects, in an array of colors... kinda like those fancy marker sets from childhood. Space is so limited here that everything is packed into a small space.

Surprising to see a 700$ purse crammed into a small space, whereas in the states, such an item would get a considerable amount of shelf space to itself.

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