Friday, April 6, 2007

Details, details

Left: "Please Follow the Rules and Be Well-Mannered"
Top Right: "no smoking here" "next smoking station is _____"
Bottom Right: I threw my Ciggarette BUtte into the Drain. That is to say, I hid it in the drain."

Interesting Factoid:
When riding the subway, there are "good places" to get on the train. Listed on posters, the best train car to ride in depends on the station you wish to depart from. Each station has one or many exits/stairs, the location of which varies by station. So, the television screens in the train cars show diagrams as you approach the station, telling you what number train car you are in, and the direction of exits relative to your location. It sounds superfluous, but in rush hour crowd, with several hundred people moshing towards the exits, it is nice to be first down the stairs!

Pictured at left is the cafe called ChocoCro. OMG so delicious! They are known for their chocolate crossaints (hence "choco cro") which are quite incredible. Crunchy on the outside and rich fudgey chocolate on the inside!

Crowds at Kamakura. We're talking MASSIVE crowds. 「こんでいる」 in Japanese.

Pay phones are green.

Vending machines are everywhere. But you cannot find a water fountain.
(picture near Takadanobaba)

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