Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Strangeties of Japan

Japanese phone numbers are ### - #### - ####, or a prefix (either 030 or 090 for example) and then two sets of 4 (not 3+4 = 7 like in the states)

Fancy toilet seats are heated, and there is a button to make noise while you whiz.

Train station escalators change directions depending on the time.

Walk on the left side of the street/sidewalk etc. On the escalators, the left side is standing and right side for walking.

There are bump strips everywhere for blind people to find their way.

No water fountains. Anywhere. Probably 'cause the tap water is gross.

Tokyo-ites seem to be a little deaf on the high pitches. There is one place in Takadanobaba that has this terrible shrieking pitch that nobody but the Americans hears.

"Manner Mode" is silent on the phones, and requested on the trains.

The cell phone shop had a suggestion box titled, "Smile Box".

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Megan said...

Sorry about the birthday crisis, but at least the day ended on a good note, eh? People singing to you with an cute. I wish I could have heard that. :D

As for this post...........I want a toilet with a warmer! :P