Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ghibli Museum

This is the big robot sculpture from the animated movie "Castle in the Sky". It is on top of the Ghibli Museum.
Photography is prohibited inside the museum (sorry!)

Located in Mitaka, the museum showcases several Japanese animated films ("Spirited Away", "tonari no Totoro" and others) as well as "Wallace and Grommit". Props, clay molds, and figurines are displayed-- I got to see the monster bunny contraption (from the "WereRabbit" movie). Really a spectacular museum-- wish you all could see it!

Really excellent weather today-- sunny and about 80 degrees! (that's 27 C!)

Left: Me and my friend from the group by the sculpture.
Below: All of us on the excursion, outside the museum. (Green jacket = me of course)

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