Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ready for Adventure!

Passport, check. Visa, check. Walking shoes, check. Sanity, um....

I packed like a mad hatter today: quarantining liquids in my 3 quart bag, deciding whether art supplies are carry-on or checked, and choosing scarves to match the shoes to match the shirts to match the skirts to match the jewelry. Oops, still need to pack that.

Stay tuned to see evidence of my study-abroad in Japan! I'll try to post pictures and stories whenever I can find internet.


La Grande Public Library said...

You go, Girl!!!!!!!!!!!! our thoughts are with you always! Love, A. Sharon

La Grande Public Library said...

PS---ignore the La Grande Public LIbrary attachemnt to my name. I started a blog for them and it is forever attached to my emaiul account. I gotta fix that!